Just a 15 year old’s journey

A passion for unique interests


Playing the beautiful game for almost a decade still feels like yesterday. A sunset with a ball is heaven. Which sport are you into?


When I’m not scoring goals, I’m shredding on my guitar. Learning new riffs, jamming tunes or creating songs – music is my escape and my fuel. Which type of guitar do you jam with?


Skateboarding’s more than a sport – it’s freedom. Concrete becomes my canvas, the board an extension of me. I push limits, carving lines through the urban jungle. Every landed trick a victory. It’s a constant dance, fear versus flow. Pure joy on wheels.


This corner of the internet is my personal playground. Here, It’s a space to express myself, connect with others who share my fire, and maybe even inspire someone to pick up a guitar, lace up their shoes, or book their next adventure.


Running. Pure rhythm. A conversation with your body, pushing limits, celebrating every step. Escape, exploration and pure joy of movement. Freedom to leave worries behind and just keep going.


There’s nothing quite like exploring a new place. So far, I’ve been lucky enough to travel close to 10 countries, and it completely blew my mind. Anyone have recommendations for must-see sights or hidden gems?

This is Kanay, a fifteen-year-old who’s just trying to juggle it all. I mean the glorious chaos that is sports, music etc.

Kanay Parakh


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